We are KST Soest BV, a spin-off of TBS Waterbeheersing (a Dutch water regulation specialist). We produce the well-known HDPE PTK flap valves, RVS penstocks with the orange band and HDPE PRA penstocks. Our company is the same, the only thing that has changed is our brand name: Dutch Flow Control. The name DFC reflects our ambition to become more famous abroad; we want to share our vast expertise in water regulation internationally. To do this, we rely on our high-standard Dutch designs, production and team of experts.

A Brief Company History

1992 -           TBS buys the HDPE water regulation activities from KST Holland

1993-2017 -  TBS incorporates the HDPE products in the TBS assortment under the brand name TBS. As a result, large penstocks and flap valves are being sold in the Netherlands and abroad

2019 -           KST Soest BV is established as a spin-off of TBS to manage its water regulation activities

2019 -           KST Soest BV introduces the new brand name Dutch Flow Control (DFC)